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Learn Yoga in North London – Palmers Green, Southgate and Enfield. Hatha flow Yoga classes for all levels with an experienced and dynamic teacher. Learn Yoga in your own pace one to one. Yoga can help you relax, improve your fitness, deal with stress, improve your flexibility and posture. Our Yoga classes in Enfield and Palmers Green are fun and challenging to help you improve your health and fitness. Tom MacKay is an experienced Yoga teacher as well as a personal fitness trainer and mindfulness teacher who is passionate about helping people improve their lives and health. Join our new Yoga class in Palmers Green at Baskervilles Tea Shop. Our Enfield Yoga classes can help you improve your strength and muscles tone – the asanas (postures) will work and tone every muscle in your body as well as improve your energy, flexibility at posture. Yoga has been found to help you improve your balance, digestion, bone density and athletic performance. Exercise has been found to be essential to our health throughout our lives, both in terms of our health and our emotional and mental well being. Some conditions such as osteoporosis have been shown to be helped through regular exercise, and our Yoga class helps to strengthen your mind and body. Come and join our Yoga in Enfield.

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Yoga In Enfield

Yoga has become more and more popular over the last few years, with ever more increasing styles of Yoga appearing. I teach Hatha Yoga, encompassing many different postures and I incorporate them in a flowing style that is both fun and challenging. With my Yoga classes in Enfield, Southgate and Palmers Green I aim to share with people exercises for their body and mind that will help health and well being. Yoga classes vary incredibly – when I first attended a Yoga class in the 1990’s I really thought it wasn’t for me! Several years later I went to another class which was taught completely differently and I have loved Yoga ever since. Having worked with mental and physical health for over twenty years, I am committed to teaching Yoga in a way that is both enjoyable and benefits people in many different ways. Come and try our Yoga classes in Palmers Green Southgate and Enfield.

Fun & Challenging Yoga With Yoga Enfield

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“These classes are really enjoyable – relaxing and challenging” – TS

“Tom teaches in a clear and really flowing style” – SC

“Going to these classes regularly has really helped me deal with the stress in my life” – JW

“Tom clearly really cares about teaching Yoga and helping his students” – JG


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Tom MacKay
Tom MacKayYoga Teacher
Tom has worked in health and fitness for over 20 years. Originally trained as a professional musician he also became a personal fitness trainer. He is also a hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer of NLP. For over 20 years he has worked with individuals and groups teaching personal development and mindfulness type courses. He originally learned Pilates to help with strengthening his back and then was introduced to Yoga which he learned for many years before deciding to become a Yoga teacher. He is passionate about helping his students achieve their goals in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.
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Relax Your Mind & Body

Our Yoga classes are fun and challenging to help you improve your fitness, flexibility and to overcome stress.