Yoga To Stay Young

Most people are now aware of the benefits of exercise to their health and here at Yoga Enfield it is something that is of crucial importance. Regular exercise doesn’t just make you feel better, it is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Not only does it improve your health, it also helps you stay young and youthful. If you want to stay young, you need to be exercising and Yoga plays a crucial role in this. Yoga doesn’t just help you stay flexible and manage stress, but it will also help with your fitness.

Saying that, Yoga classes vary from place to place. I know some classes that students find quite relaxing but they don’t feel that they have also been working their bodies much during the training. My classes challenge people at different levels. I like people to leave the class feeling they are not only de-stressed, but that they have also worked out and are improving their fitness. I remember the first Yoga class I ever attended and it was more like a stretch class. As a 20 year old, it put me off Yoga for some time. Then I went to another class after looking for solutions to help with a painful back. I found a class that not only stretched me in terms of flexibility, but also in terms of stamina and fitness. It was also great fun – the teacher was very positive and everyone left feeling great. There were times in the class I felt like I couldn’t do any more and at those times I had to push myself that much further to get through. I probably developed far more through those classes than any others.

I teach classes that involve flowing movements, based on Hatha Yoga and help people work on their Mind, Body and Spirit.