About The Classes

The classes follow a style based on Hatha Flow Yoga. The classes are dynamic and challenge you to push yourself physically and mentally.

Class Level

The classes are open to all levels, although having at least some basic Yoga practice may help initially.

Class Fees

Classes last for one hour and cost £8 per class.


We welcome all levels to our classes and if this is your first class, then you’ll find some amazing benefits from regular practice with Yoga.

Please bring a Yoga mat with you to the class.

Loose fitting clothes are ideal. You’ll be doing lots of stretching, so need some sort of training clothes. Yoga is done barefoot, so footwear is not relevant.

There is street parking available close to the venues.

Please pay before the class starts.

You can just turn up, however to ensure you get a place please email first.

We don’t allow spectators, however you are welcome to bring other people to join in the classes.