Yoga Southgate

Yoga Southgate

We run Yoga classes very close to Southgate in the Baskervilles Tea Shop, 66 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PP. This is within easy reach of Southgate station, either by a 15 minute walk or several bus routes. The venue is also very close to Palmers Green Overground station.

There are more and more Yoga classes appearing in North London, and finding the right class for you is important. There are not many Yoga classes in Southgate during the day, and the Yoga Class in Baskervilles Tea Shop is at 2-3 on Friday afternoons. If you have children at school in the Southgate area, this hopefully will make it easy for you to attend a Yoga class in Southgate just before picking children up. Also, Baskervilles Tea Shop is a lovely tea and coffee shop, so it is a great place to relax in the afternoon either before or after the Yoga class.

Yoga Classes In Southgate

Over the next few months, I am planning to run more Yoga classes in Southgate, so please do check back from time to time to find Yoga in Southgate. As well as Yoga in Southgate, I also run private and public classes for Yoga in Enfield. I can travel to you if you live around the Enfield or Southgate area and would like private Yoga sessions to help improve at your own rate.

Yoga is a growing market in North London and still developing around Enfield. With the rise of more Yoga studios in Enfield, there is a lot of choice around the area, so how do you choose the right Yoga teacher in Southgate?

I offer public classes rather than setting up a Yoga studio in Southgate or Enfield because I find most people like to learn with specific teachers rather than attend a studio with lots of Yoga classes that becomes more like a gym franchise. Paying a large monthly fee for lots of Yoga classes may not be a good investment if you don’t like the teachers! With my private classes you are not tied into another large monthly subscription, but get personal attention and great Yoga training.